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Whether its for a wedding, a birthday, or business event, our snapchat filter designs make it easy for Snappers there to send your message to friends.

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Stationery Pricing

We can get your company started with your very own customised stationery package, designed specific to your needs.

All of our work is done in-house and includes bespoke designs, a quick turnaround with full print and delivery included.

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Business Cards

Business Card Options
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The number of pages for your business card should always refer to the finished (e.g. folded) format. For example: double sided business card unfolded, 85x55mm, printed front and back - You would select: double sided print For all folded business cards it is necessary to provide an assembled file, so one file for the front and one for the back of your business card, i.e. 4 -1 and 2 - 3 as printable spreads.
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We print flyers using CMYK and Pantone. Under Proof, you can order a screen proof or paper proof of your flyers, simulated on "Epson Standard Proofing Paper" and printed in CMYK cmkk (8-‐colour printing). Information: On large scale, across all pages, there could be possibilities of technically related colour variation issues. For that reason we advise to use spot colours (Pantone) on these areas.
The size of your business card that you have to select in this box should always refer to the final finished product. For example it would be wrong to select double sided for any folded product. When it comes to designing your business cards it is very important to include a 2mm bleed to all edges. Please get further information how to set up your business cards by checking the fact sheet provided online.
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For business cards, we offer you pure white premium paper for printing images. All offset printing paper is pure white, and suitable for copying and laser printing. Our business card chromo board can be written on on its underside, and is distinguished by large volume. You can also choose from our premium papers (Bright white and Luxecore).
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